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About GQview-win

I am always looking for a light and easy to use image viewer. ACDSEE? It's good for browsing the images, but it is not free. And, likes other successful windows software, it becomes fatter and fatter. I hope the image viewer is just a viewer and don't want to use it as a photos modifier. To modify the photo, GIMP is my favorite.
Finally, I found GQview. It is excellent with so many great features. Zoom, thumbnail, directories navigate and so on. Especially the EXIF, what a wondeful feature! Besides, it is light. But, it only works on Linux. Why don't port it to windows? After a few nights work. GQview-win was borned.
It's not a complex port. Also, it is not a big project. It is just a convenient tool. If you are interested, please help me to make it better.