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  • 11-29-2006
    Re-release GQview-win
    Users report the new version cannot start with error message "libintl-8.dll was not found". The issue is caused by my new setup compiling environment. "libintl" is a library in gettext. My compiled dll's name is different from the name which is  intl.dll in GTK+ runtime environment. 
    By the way, the fix for .gqview directory is also in.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. If you downloaded the previous and cannot run, please download it again from the same place.

  • 11-26-2006
    GQview-win Released
    I am back. In the middle of this year, the hard disk of my old laptop was broken and I lost most document and environment. After that, I was busy. Untill last week, I have time to set up the building and debugging environment in the new hard disk. I am afraid the time for this project will be less. However, gqview-win is still alive.

  • 2-27-2006
    Re-release GQview-win
    • A windows look package is added. It has MS windows syle and suit to the user get used to the windows UI style.
    • Adjust the configuration file to make it easier to use, especially for first time user.

  • 2-25-2006
    GQview-win Released
    • Fixed file name and path display issue. Now file name and path can be displayed according to the windows codepage. This feature is important for the non-English users.
    • The executable file gqview-win has the icon.
    • When gqview-win running, the icon can be displayed in wondows frame. Also when window minized, the icon will be on the task bar.

  • 1-19-2006
    GQView-win and Released
    • GQview-win is the final release based on stable GQview 2.0.1 in spite of the print and remote functions are still disabled. Any fixes can go into 2.1.1 porting, if possible.
    • GQview-win released. The most important and amazing feature is Pan View. Press Ctrl+J to invoke it. Enjoy!

  • 1-17-2006
    GQview-win Released
    • Fixed help browser. Using IE to open the help files.
    • Fixed Release notes, Credits in about menu.
    • Added the help and README files into the release package
    The print and remote functions are still bad. Hope someone can help.

  • 1-14-2006
    GQview-win Released
    • Fixed thumbnails cache issue
    • Remove the dependence on HOME environment variable.

  • 1-11-2006
    GQview-win first stable version Released.

  • 1-10-2006
    GQview-win beta 0.0.1 released.

  • 1-9-2006
    GQview for Win32 project is established.